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Clarence Eddie Woods III ( Sonny Gunnz )

(January 9, 1986 ~ November 23, 2008)

Better known by his stage name “Sonny Gunnz” Eddie Woods was an American rapper who achieved modest success on Black Friday Entertainment’s record label as well as an independent artist. In a year that had already seen the deaths of such notable figures as Mr. Wilson and DJ K-Swift, Baltimore hip-hop experienced yet another loss

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toward the end of 2008.

The little known but beloved rapper Eddie “Sonny Gunnz” Woods was shot in the back of the head in Brooklyn Park, Maryland. Nov. 23 2008, His death made headlines when the Baltimore Police Department ruled it a suicide, And the rapper’s family is petitioning for further investigation.

While ugliness and controversy surrounded the circumstances of his

passing, His friends and peers celebrated his life, with a tribute concert the week after his death.

A “Long Live Sonny Gunnz” event at Sonar last Thursday, on the eve of what would have been his twenty-third birthday, Jan. 9. As well as the

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release of a full length album “Long Live Sonny Gunnz”.


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The worst, best and brightest

By Baltimore Examiner Newspapers – 12/12/08

Due to shoddy police work, The family of a dead man had to beg police to investigate their loved one’s death. The details: The Anne Arundel Police really screwed this one up, They let the only person who witnessed Clarence Eddie Woods III death go without extensive questioning or testing her for gunshot residue.

Also the fact that she even delayed calling 911 and somehow failed to arouse suspicion. It’s great that Anne Arundel County Police finally reopened the case, but it’s what they should have done in the first place.